Garage Door Repair – Jacksonville

To Repair or Replace?

How do I decide whether to repair or replace my garage door? Garage door repair Jacksonville and North Florida isn’t always a cut and dry decision.

In our Help, My Garage Door Doesn’t Open/Close blog we discussed some of the common causes of broken garage doors. Although sometimes a basic repair is the answer, there may be instances where a garage door replacement is the better option. The question is, where do you draw the line?

If maintained properly, the average garage door itself should last bout 30 years with the garage door openers lasting anywhere from 10-15 years. The first question to ask is how old is your garage door and what exactly is wrong with it?


Broken Garage Door

Help, My Garage Door Doesn’t Open/Close!

The average garage door opens and shuts more than 1,500 times a year and when you press your garage door remote or wall transmitter, you expect the garage to either open or close. A simple task that requires little to no effort from the user.

There are many elements that go into a functioning garage door, some of which we overlook every day. So what do we do when one day we try to open or close the garage door and it fails? Is it a dead battery on the unit, rusted or broken springs, or something blocking the photo eye sensor?

Action Garage | Garage Door Safety Inspection Test

Garage Door Safety Inspection Test

Every year, homeowners should have their garage door inspected for safety. We encourage homeowners to conduct regular safety inspections on your garage doors, but we suggest annual inspections at a minimum.
Considering there is an increased traffic flow at home during the summer months, it’s a great time for homeowners to take advantage of our garage door replacement, maintenance and repair services. In our last blog post we shared our Garage Door Safety Checklist, which is why we want to reinforce and elaborate on the importance of this topic with our Garage Door Safety Inspection Test.

Action Garage | Garage Door Safety Month Checklist

Did you know that June was named Garage Door Safety Month by The International Door Association and the Door and Access Systems Manufacturers Association?
You may be wondering why an entire month is dedicated to garage door safety, but keep in mind that the garage door is the largest piece of machinery in a home and the average family uses it between two to four times a day. Protect your home and your family by reviewing our Garage Door Safety Month Checklist and see if you’re missing anything.

Action Garage | Cooling Down Your Garage

Keeping your home cool over the summer is one obstacle, but cooling down your garage is a completely different beast to tackle. Living in Florida is brutal during the summer months, thankfully you can beat the heat with our summer maintenance suggestions. Follow our recommendations and you may keep your home cooler too!

Action Garage | Garage Door Opener Issues

Are you experiencing issues with your garage door opener? You shouldn’t expect to replace your opener simply because it’s not working; there are several reasons why it’s not functioning correctly. Follow our step-by-step guide to fix your opener without the help of a professional.

Action Garage | Why is My Garage Door Noisy?

Is a noisy garage door causing you problems? There are a number of reasons why your garage door is making noise. The most common causes are due to loose hardware, worn rollers or hinges and parts that require lubrication. We’ve shared a few tips to help solve your squeaky problem in a short amount of time:

Action Garage | How to Maintain Garage Door Hinges, Rollers and Tracks

Maintaining your garage door hinges, rollers and tracks is a task you can complete on your own, but we serve the Jacksonville area to ensure your garage door is functioning correctly. In the event that you are uncertain about maintenance procedures, one of our garage door repairmen will be happy to assist you.

Action Garage | 9 Common Garage Door Problems

When you pull into your driveway from a long day, the last thing you want to encounter is a problem with your garage door. There are a few tricks you can apply on your own, but we strongly suggest giving our garage door repairmen a call for the more advanced issues. Here are the top

Action Garage | When Should I Replace My Garage Door?

Garage doors typically last a long time under the right maintenance and care. Similar to other pieces of hardware in your home, garage doors require attention and upkeep. Fortunately, our experts can guide you through the proper procedures in garage door maintenance and serve as your trusted source in repairing any unforeseen challenges you experience