A large number of our insulated steel garage doors qualify for the energy tax credit as part of the recently passed American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. To view these product pages click on the following links.

Coachman Collection
Gallery Collection
Premium Series

For further explanation and comments visit the attached Government websites:

Energy Star – Federal Tax Credit for Energy Efficiency

Energy Star – Q & A

US Government Information

Material Efficiency – long lasting products, fewer replacements:

Steel Products:
Both our Coachman and Grand Harbor collection of steel carriage style garage doors help conserve natural resources by providing an attractive, low maintenance steel and composite alternative to traditional Wood Doors. Doors are impervious to moisture and will not rot, warp, crack or fade A number of our doors are insulated with environmentally safe, CFC-free expanded polystyrene made from recycled content.

Wood Products:
Materials for our Reserve Collection Wood doors are purchased from suppliers who have certifications for their logging practices. Rain forests are not damaged and green practices are followed.

The mills we purchase from re-plant for the harvested timber to secure a long term sustainable wood fiber and sustainable forest management.